Are South of France soaps hypoallergenic?

South of France soaps are free from the following harsh chemical ingredients that are commonly used in the body care industry: Sodium Laureth Sulfate/Sodium Laurel Sulfate Tetrasodium EDTA Parabens Phthalates Animal By-Products Animal Testing Synthetic Colorants South of France cannot make the claim that our products are hypo-allergenic because we do use essential oils and blends of fragrance to impart scent to our products; the ingredients used for fragrance can trigger specific allergic reactions. Typically, an individual who is sensitive to fragrance can work with his or her dermatologist or allergen specialist to isolate and identify which fragrance(s) trigger their specific reaction and thereby avoid using products with that particular fragrance. Because South of France products do not contain harsh chemical ingredients, often individuals who have (1) sensitive skin or (2) an allergy to one of the afore-listed harsh chemical ingredients, find that South of France products provide relief from their allergies/sensitivities while synthetic products fail to do so.

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