Fragrance Group: Floral Experiences

Colorful, Timeless, Sophisticated

Violet Bouquet

Infused with the sweet scent of a bouquet of violets gathered on a stroll through a medieval village marketplace

Lush Gardenia

Fall under the intoxicating spell of vibrant gardenia, nurtured in a centuries-old greenhouse, and wrapped in touches of apricot, heliotrope, golden ylang-ylang, and sheer vanilla blossom.

Lavender Fields

Sun-lit lavender fields, freshly-crushed lavender leaf and wildflowers are blended with shimmering greens, wild herbs and fresh woods and accented with sea salt-enriched Mediterranean air.

Blooming Jasmine

The scent of sweet jasmine growing wild along a winding country lane mingles with a loosely-gathered spring bouquet of bluebells, lilac, golden honeysuckle, luminous greens, and a just a hint of lily.

Cherry Blossom

Infused with the fresh scent of cherry blossoms, presented in friendship to the people of Provence by Japan centuries ago.

Climbing Wild Rose

A fresh scent emanating from a trellis of fresh wild roses embracing the stone walls of a Provençal cottage mingles with dew-covered leafy greens, garden florals, white lotus, musk and smooth woody notes.

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